Why Does My AirPods Sound Muffle On Mac?

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AirPods Sound Muffle On Mac
AirPods Sound Muffle On Mac

Fix For AirPods Sound Muffle On Mac?

Apple AirPod owners may occasionally experience AirPods sound muffle on Mac. And that is especially true for earphones that have seen a lot of use or are older. Users can test out a few straightforward fixes to see if they resolve the muffled sound issue to ensure the problem is not significant.

If your AirPods muffle on Mac are sometimes the result of them getting dirty. Any debris clogging up the earpiece, whether it is earwax, dust, dirt, or anything else that has made its way onto the AirPods’ speakers, will result in Airpods sound muffle on Mac. the positive news is The process of cleaning your AirPods is very quick.

If any vast bits accumulate on your AirPods, carefully remove them with a toothpick and throw them away. After that, carefully wash the speaker grille with rubbing alcohol using a cotton swab or a small piece of cloth. Using rubbing alcohol and a swab or cloth should help release any bothersome dirt lodged in the AirPods, even if it doesn’t seem like you’re making much progress.

There are many other ways to Fix AirPods sound muffle on Mac. A few of them are:

Another suggested solution is to reset the earbuds if the Airpod sound muffle on Mac problem is still there after cleaning your AirPods. The reasoning is that executing a reset will reestablish the connection and might resolve any audio issues that have surfaced. You may take the following actions to perform a factory reset to get rid of AirPods sound muffle on Mac problem:

  • Put your AirPods in the charging case if they aren’t there already, then wait 30 seconds before closing the lid.
  • Take the charging case apart.
  • Get your iPhone’s Settings app open.
  • Click “Bluetooth.”
  • The ⓘ icon is located next to your AirPods.
  • To confirm your choice, tap “Forget This Device” once.

This way, you will be able to fix AirPods sound muffle on Mac problem.

Why Is My Sound Muffled With My AirPods?

Nothing is more annoying than putting on headphones to listen to music or a podcast only to have a terrible audio play. And if you are on a special call, then it becomes a frustration. It is even more perplexing why the sound quality would be so poor when AirPods are connected to your Mac because they are not inexpensive either.

The most frequent cause of muffled sound from your AirPods is dirty speakers. Earwax and other debris may gather over time in the ear canal where EarPods are inserted, lowering the sound quality over time. Two additional reasons are Bluetooth interference or the need to reset your AirPods.

What Can Cause Bad Sound Quality On AirPods?

Sometimes, your AirPods may produce poor audio in a few situations aside from normal wear and tear and aging. There are some reasons or fix you must check if you are facing it. The are:

Soiled or Dirty AirPods

Considering that your AirPods are typically in your case or in your ears, you might be curious about how much dirt can get inside them. However, earwax and grime can also prevent clear music from reaching your ear.

One of the reasons your AirPods sound muffle on Mac or muted is that earwax, dirt, or other obstructions are obstructing the sound. If you haven’t cleaned your AirPods, the soil may prevent audio from reaching your ears.

Here are some methods for cleaning the debris out of your AirPods:

  • Using Q-tips dipped in water, clean them.
  • Wash silicone tips in warm water and soap if you have any.
  • To remove the wax and grime, use an earbud cleaning tool.
  • To clean your charging case, use a gentle, wet cloth.

Bad Bluetooth Connection

The another reason for your AirPods sound muffle on Mac may be the Bluetooth connection. Whether it’s your WiFi, TV, cell phone service, or in this case, your Bluetooth connection, you will occasionally have poor connectivity.

Since AirPods depend on Bluetooth connectivity to work, the poor sound quality may result from a Mac that hasn’t been properly updated or isn’t connected. Since you are probably not configuring your AirPods correctly, connectivity issues with your Mac could be to blame for the poor sound quality of your headphones.

Your Mac Isn’t Up to Date

Your Mac needs to be updated to eliminate any bugs or faults that prevent a strong Bluetooth connection. The third reason for your AirPods sound muffle on Mac may be that your Mac is not up to date..

Any number of issues, including a poor connection and poor sound quality, can be brought on by an old Mac. Any malware or vulnerabilities on our Mac may hinder a reliable Bluetooth connection with your AirPods. It’s very simple to update your Mac, and it won’t take much of your time or mental effort. To upgrade your Mac, simply adhere to these easy steps:

  1. To begin, select System Preferences (located in the corner of the screen)
  2. Select the Software Update submenu.
  3. Select “Update Now” or “Upgrade Now.”

Incorrect Mic Usage

And the last possible reason for AirPods sound muffle on Mac may be the incorrect mic use. The built-in microphones that allow users to make or receive calls are one feature that distinguishes AirPods from other headphones. Although this is a fantastic feature, there may be some drawbacks.

Some AirPod owners complain that the sound quality is poor when they connect their earbuds to their Mac. Apple has acknowledged that the Bluetooth connection between Macs and AirPods, particularly with older Macs and models of AirPods, is not the best. However, they provided a few fixes to address any audio problems.

Apple advises shutting any apps that use the microphone embedded into your AirPods because doing so can confuse them and make them alternate between microphone modes. You must operate in a mode that doesn’t require a microphone and only plays audio.

How to Fix the Bad Sound Quality of AirPods Pro on Windows?

Now we will tell you the ways for AirPods sound muffle on Mac. We strongly advise running a full system check with a PC diagnostic and repair application like Reimage before you start with manual procedures to cure the Airpods Pro’s poor sound quality on Windows. It can quickly and automatically identify and resolve underlying issues with any Windows operating system.

There are many methods to fix AirPods sound muffle on Mac:

  1. Update your drivers
  2. Use a dual-band adapter
  3. Set Airpods Pro to headphones mode
  4. Now, disable the Headphone Telephony service for Airpods Pro
  5. Repair your Errors automatically
  6. And prevent websites, ISP, and other parties from tracking you
  7. Recover your lost files quickly


You’ll get your money’s worth from the best AirPods and Apple headphones. Like other Apple items, these earbuds and headphones have higher price tags, but they are of the highest caliber in terms of sound, functionality, and features.

When used with a mobile device, AirPods sound great, but on a computer, they sound awful. It is incredibly typical. Additionally, users claim that the AirPods Sound muffle on Mac. No concerns if you’re having a similar problem. This piece will discuss why it occurs and how to repair it. 

FAQs: Fix of AirPods Sound Muffle on Mac

Now, we will discuss about the frequently asked question regarding AirPods sound muffle on Mac and their fixes. These are as follows:

Q. Why do my AirPods have a muffled sound?

Ans. AirPods that are muffled are sometimes the result of them getting dirty. Any debris clogging up the earpiece, whether it is earwax, dust, dirt, or anything else that has made its way onto the AirPods’ speakers, will result in muffled music.

Q. How can I improve the clarity of my AirPods?

Ans. To modify your AirPods EQ on an iPhone, follow these steps:
* Accessibility is under Settings.
* Tap Audio/Visual after scrolling down.
* Toggle the option by tapping Headphone Accommodations at the top of the screen.
* Using one of three preset choices, the sound can now be optimized for Brightness, Vocal Range, or Balanced Tone.

Q. What gives my AirPods a distorted sound?

Ans. Make sure your linked iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac is running the most recent software version. Verify that your connected device is close by and that there are no obstacles or wireless interference between you and it.

Q. How can I improve Mac’s AirPod quality?

Ans. Select the built-in microphone on your Mac by selecting the Input tab at the top of the Sound settings window. You just need to wait a little while (around 7 seconds) for the codecs to switch. The sound quality ought to be excellent once more.