Why Are the Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working?

Sometimes what happens, when you purchase phone and your Airpods does not work. You will be curious to know the reasons and will try to make it work. So you are at the right point to learn it.

The first two generations of Apple’s AirPods relied on earphones with touch-sensitive controls. Apple moved to pressure-sensitive sensors on the stem of the AirPods Pro, which is undoubtedly a better solution. However, regardless of whose AirPods you have, it can be inconvenient if your AirPods’ touch controls are not working.

It’s not convenient at all to not be able to use Siri or skip music on your AirPods if the touch controls aren’t functioning properly. Don’t worry; you may use some simple solutions to resolve this issue. Let’s dive in to know about how to Fix Inpods 12 Right Side Not Working.

Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working

How to Fix AirPods and Their Problems?

Although AirPods are said to be the best Bluetooth sound device, sometimes it may create a problem in connecting and hearing, such as AirPods Pro Buttons Not Working. The Double Tap touch-sensitive function of AirPods, which enables the use of the aforementioned features, is touch-sensitive, it may happen that any of the buttons on my AirPods Pro is not working. Don’t worry, it is normal.

Let’s go over some of the key reasons why AirPods double-tap doesn’t work, how to solve Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working problem, and some other situations where double-tap might not work.

Why are My AirPods Controls Not Working?

AirPods controls, such as double taps, are sensitive. When a touch-sensitive component is malfunctioning, it can occasionally itch our skin. The inability to consistently tap on AirPods has been a prevalent problem, such as Buttons on my AirPods Pro not working.

If your iOS device is Bluetooth-connected to another iOS device, double-tap may not function when you try to access Siri, play or pause music, or receive any audio calls.

Why are My Left Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working?

The best-selling wireless earbuds worldwide are Apple AirPods which are a fantastic product. But they certainly have their share of difficulties. One such problem that many people have searched and mentioned is their is their left or one of the AirPods is quiet.

My Left Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working

If you are also facing the same, then you need to reset your device. After that, you will be able to fix your query, like Buttons on my AirPods Pro not working. For that, follow the below-written steps:

Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Info icon next to your AirPods name > Forget This Device. Now, hold the button on the rear until the status light begins to flicker white when wearing both AirPods and the lid of the case is open.

Your AirPods will be completely reset when you do this, and your left AirPod should now correctly connect to your phone. Over half of you will be able to fix your AirPods by resetting them, while the other half will need to try several different troubleshooting techniques.

Not able to Set up AirPods Pro with your iPhone

Since the AirPods Pro are a new product, there can be some issues with them not functioning even when you try to set them up with your iPhone. Making sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 13.2 should be your first action.

When attempting to set up your new AirPods Pro, if you notice a red exclamation point, there may be a bug that is causing difficulties. This brand-new update of iOS, which is necessary for the AirPods Pro to connect successfully, was just made available a few days ago.

Here is how to determine which version of iOS you are using:

  1. Get your iPhone’s Settings app open.
  2. Choosing General then About
    The name of your iPhone will be displayed at the top of this screen, and the software version will be located immediately beneath it. You must correctly update the software if you are using an earlier release by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update.

How to Reset AirPods Pro?

You should attempt to reset your AirPods Pro before attempting any other methods of repair. This procedure makes the AirPods forget any associated devices, making it easy and straightforward.

To reset the AirPods Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Put the charging case with the two AirPods in it.
  2. Make sure the charging case has some power left.
  3. Find the small button on the case’s rear.
  4. The button must be pressed and held for at least 15 seconds.

Watch the charging light on the case’s front as you press the button. After a brief delay, the light will flash white and then amber. The reset of the AirPods Pro has occurred once the light becomes amber.

Simply open the case, unlock your iPhone, and connect the two devices as you did on launch day. The AirPods Pro will automatically unpair from any of your iCloud-connected devices in addition to the iPhone, which is a crucial point to remember.

Why Does My Right AirPods Pro Not Click?

There is a problem if your AirPods only play music in one ear, like with the right ear only battery charge or not clean AirPods may be examples of the basic explanations or the solutions (problems with network or audio settings).

AirPods Pro Not Click

Since there is no single scientific cause for the AirPods issue, there is also no single solution. The best course of action is to proceed through troubleshooting procedures until the AirPods functions again. To solve the problem

Fixing My Airpods Pro Buttons are not working, apart from resetting them, we can check the following things:

1) Restart Your Device

It is the first thing you must do when you face some problems with your AirPods, such as Buttons on my AirPods Pro not working. Although restarting isn’t very likely to fix or solve the issue, it’s very fast and easy to do, so it’s worth a shot. An active memory of the device is cleared when it is restarted, which frequently fixes momentary issues.

2) Clean your AirPods

It is possible that one of the AirPods may not have audio because it has built-up debris that prevents sound from escaping. That might be dust, earwax, or even lint.

3) Unpair and Repair AirPods

Are you still having audio issues or AirPod Pro pairing errors? It’s time to re-configure your AirPods. Now, go to Settings > then Bluetooth > tap the I next to the AirPods > Forget This Device > Forget Device on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to accomplish this. That disconnects your device from the AirPods. Now, try pairing again. Pairing and un-pairing may be the fix to solve Buttons on my Airpods Pro not working problem.

4) Check battery

The dead battery of AirPod is the simplest and most likely cause of its malfunction. Even if your AirPods were charged at the same time, one of them may run out of power before the other since AirPods have distinct battery life rates. Check the remaining power or battery in your AirPods or your battery widget, and charge them if necessary.

5) Check Stereo Balance

On iOS devices, there is a feature deep under the Accessibility settings that allows you to adjust how much audio comes from the left and right AirPods. If only one AirPods receive sound from this setting, then your issue may be that it is out of balance. You need to move the Balance slider to the middle in Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual to resolve this.

6) Hard Reset AirPods

Try hard resetting your AirPods if nothing else has worked so far to fix your problem. Use the same procedures as in the previous section to unpair and re-pair your AirPods. Hold the AirPods case button depressed for approximately 15 seconds until the light flashes amber and white. By doing that also, your query Buttons on my Airpods Pro not working may be resolved.

7) Reset Network Settings

The settings on your smartphone check how it connects to different networks, that includes Bluetooth devices. That could be the reason for your problem if there is a problem with those settings. Although you will have to re-pair Bluetooth devices, enter Wi-Fi passwords, etc., resetting the settings can be helpful. For that, go to Settings > General > then Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset the network settings.

8) Update Operating System

Numerous new features and significant bug fixes are included in the latest versions of iOS and iPad. However, it’s unlikely that this would help, there’s a potential that your issue has been resolved in the most recent OS update for your device. Updating of OS also can be the solution to the Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working query.

9) Get Help from Apple

Now, it is the time to seek advice from the professionals: Apple. You can make an appointment at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store or contact Apple support. Call them and ask about the AirPods Case Button Not Working. They will give you the solution.

Can AirPods be Repaired or Replaced?

Have you misplaced your charging case or an AirPod? The Charging Case, the Left or Right AirPod, or both, are available for purchase. Your successor will be brand-new. But before that, try to solve your Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working query at home only, with our above-written steps.

However, AirPods are not covered by AppleCare+ for Headphones for lost or stolen items. And sometimes iphone Sound Not Working on iOS 14 without any problem. In that case, you must follow a set of steps.


AirPods are one of the most used and said to be the best earphones these days. But, sometimes, it may create some problems. Your AirPods Pro may only be playing in one ear, the sound is muffled, have a low volume, or the noise cancellation may not be effective. We just explained the solution to the query Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working above in this article.

You should attempt to reset your AirPods Pro before attempting any other methods of repair. This procedure makes the AirPods forget any associated devices, making it straightforward. We just discussed some problems and their solutions, we hope it works, and your query will be resolved.

FAQs Regarding My AirPods Pro Buttons Not Working

After solving your problem regarding Buttons on your AirPods Pro Not Working, we are going to discuss about some frequently asked questions on Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working. These are as follows:

Why do my left AirPods function when I’m on the phone?

If your left AirPods microphone isn’t working, check your AirPods’ microphone settings. The microphone might be set to the right earbud.

How can I repair a single AirPods that won’t connect to my Android phone?

With a few modifications, troubleshooting is identical to the instructions for iOS if you are connected to your AirPods on an Android phone. Use a Google Play Store app to check the AirPod battery’s charge.

Can AirPods be fixed?

You can replace each damaged item for a cost if the Buttons on AirPods Pro are not working. You only have to pay a service fee per incident if you have AppleCare+ for Headphones.

Why do the suitable AirPods click?

Usually, resetting your AirPods will solve this issue. However, if you’re still having problems with either one or both AirPods, ensure that nothing is blocking the speaker mesh. Thus, you may have the solution of Buttons on My AirPods Pro Not Working.

Why won’t the tap features on my AirPods Pro work?

Apple switched from a tap system to a squeeze (push and hold) technique on the AirPods Pro versions. Squeezing might work for you if you tap your force sensor like older AirPod devices.

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