How to Check Your AirPods Battery?

After purchasing a set of new Airpods, we will think about how to check your AirPods battery. Even though it might seem easy, failing to check the battery life of your AirPods could leave you trapped listening to the squeal of train wheels during your ride home.

Regardless of the devices, you have on hand, it is rather simple to determine or check your Airpods battery. Now we are going to discuss some battery related issues in this article. So, Why to wait for, lets get started.

Check Your AirPods Battery

How to Check The Battery In Your AirPods?

The first and the foremost question we are going to discuss is how to check your AirPods battery. On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, or other Apple product, you may check the battery life of your AirPods.

To check your AirPods battery, you must perform the following steps. These are:

  • While both of your AirPods are still within the Airpods case, lift the lid.
  • Now, try to hold your case next to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Then, wait a short while to see your AirPods’ charge level.

Only when at least one AirPod is in the case does this way for checking the charge status of your AirPods appear. When a green light displays, that means your AirPods are fully charged. On the other hand, if the indicator is amber, you still have less than one full charge.

The Batteries widget on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offers another option to check the battery level of your newly purchased or old AirPods. In fact, if your battery and other related things are working well, then you can make Your 3rd Generation AirPods Louder.

On an Apple Mac, you may check your AirPods battery life by:

  • Open the AirPod case cover or remove the AirPods from the case entirely.
  • In the menu bar, next, select the Bluetooth icon.
  • Finally, in the menu, move the pointer over your AirPods.

You can monitor or check your AirPods battery percentage by using these instructions whether or not they are charging at that time.

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How Long Do AirPods Take To Charge Fully?

When we purchase it, it is required to know how to check your AirPods battery and after that when inserted in their case, it takes about 20 minutes to charge fully.

Additionally, the AirPod case itself needs to be charged; this will take a little longer and around an hour to fully recharge. But once that’s done, it ought to be able to store three or four AirPod charges.

Why Do My Airpods Die So Fast?

Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds are superior because they are less cumbersome, more effective, and difficult to knock out of your ear accidentally. Unfortunately, this new development for mobile audio devices also has certain negatives.

Earbuds without cables are always going to be simpler to misplace. When they fall to the ground, they won’t be able to hang securely on a wire.

Most importantly, they demand payment. The second is particularly problematic for people who spend hours of their day far from a plug outlet or any method of charging their headphones or case.

This is also true of Apple’s Airpods, which unsatisfied customers have complained about losing their charge earlier than the stated specifications. We’ll examine some of the causes of your Airpods dying and fixes to make sure they last much longer to solve this issue.

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Why Are My Airpods Losing Charge So Fast?

When check your AirPods battery occasionally discharges, it’s important first to recognize the product’s size and other important things.

The battery won’t be as strong and durable as something that feels like a portable speaker when the technology is in such a compact size. So it stands to reason that your Airpods won’t ever have the 12-hour battery lives we wish they had, even if they function as designed.

Fortunately, more creative minds than mine came up with a case that serves as a portable power source and allows the earphones or Airpods to receive several charges.

It may be a problem if you don’t always put your earphones back in the case after you finish listening to music or forget to take the case with you. In keeping with that, please ensure the charging case is completely charged before bringing it along, as an empty case is merely an Airpod container.

The stress on your AirPods can be reduced in several ways, which is another remedy to this issue. Like any audio equipment, the battery will need more power the louder the music is played.

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Final Words

Once again, you’re walking along and start to doubt whether your AirPods’ battery will endure for the remaining distance. If you’re going to run out of power midway through that Billie Eilish song or the next podcast, is it worth starting?

Even if you can feel the battery draining on you minute by minute, you have no idea how to do so. So, we will explain to you some ways to check your AirPods battery. Hope this will help you out.

FAQ’s: Check Your AirPods Battery

Now we are going to tell you about some FAQs on how to check your AirPods battery. These are as follows:

Q. Why can’t I see the battery in my AirPods?

Ans. If your AirPods’ battery level doesn’t show up, try closing the case and opening it again after a short period. Your battery level might not display in some apps; therefore, you should try again from the main screen of your device.

Q. How do I see the remaining battery life?

Ans. Open the Settings app on your phone. You can view your remaining charge and estimated battery life under “Battery” To learn more, select the Battery option and its settings.

Q. Can you charge your AirPods all night long?

Ans. Yes, leaving your AirPods case charged overnight is acceptable. We advise you to maintain the quality of your AirPods. The case is incredible since it shields the earphones from danger and harm when not in use. Thus, storing AirPods in their case while sleeping will assist in increasing their longevity.