Can The Police Track Stolen AirPods?

Although AirPods are fantastic headphones, they are easily misplaced and sometimes we can Track Stolen AirPods. Can you lock your AirPods so no one else can use them after losing them?

One cannot lock AirPods. There isn’t much the police can do if your AirPods are stolen or lost. The best thing a person can do is find them and Track Stolen AirPods down before the offender can link them to their iCloud account. The initial owner can no longer Track Stolen AirPods once a thief has used them. Continue reading to find out how to locate and find your AirPods quickly.

Police Track Stolen AirPods

Can Stolen AirPods Be Tracked?

Almost everyone has lost an Airpod at some point. Most of the time, they are close by and immediately located, but regrettably, this does not always happen. If your AirPods have been connected to your iPhone via your iCloud account, they can most surely be tracked.

Just like you can track any other Apple device, you can always easily keep track of where your AirPods are. Simply open the “Find My” app on your phone to start the process.

The AirPods should appear on the map with their current location if you’ve used them before so you can know where they are at all times. You’ll probably find them nearby if you lose them. If they have been stolen, you can find them and return them if you know where they are. You can play a noise to assist you in finding them on the “Find My” app. Simply select “Play Sound” by clicking on the AirPods.

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Can Apple Track Stolen AirPods By Serial Number?

You may Track Stolen AirPods serial number in addition to using the “Find My” app to locate them. And that might be useful if the AirPods are offline and cannot be tracked on the app.

Your AirPods are still online and connected to your phone if they show a green light next to the device name and we can track stolen Airpods easily. If they have a grey dot, if they are offline or deceased.

The serial number is also printed there if you still have the casing and only have the individual earbuds. You can offer the serial number to the police once you receive it to track stolen Airpods. Once the police locate the AirPods, they can utilize them to confirm they are yours.

The serial number on your AirPods can be used by you and the police to Track Stolen AirPods, but Apple is not permitted to do so. The serial number can reveal who last used them and where they were utilized.

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How can I prevent my AirPods from being stolen in the first place?

You probably don’t want to lose your AirPods because you invested a lot of money on them. Fortunately, you have a variety of solutions at your disposal to keep track of them and guard against losing or having your AirPods stolen.

AirPod Straps

A cheap and simple solution to keep your AirPods secure is with straps. These are widely available from a large number of vendors, and you don’t have to spend a lot for high-quality goods. For less than $12, you may purchase a useful and cosy strap.

Tile Tracking Products

You can use Tile, the top brand in tracking gadgets, with your headphones. You may use their companion app to track one of these tiny gadgets by fastening it to your charging case. These goods employ location services made possible by the Internet to identify their exact position.

Hard-to-Lose Cases

Perhaps you don’t experience any issues with your AirPods falling out of your ears, but you frequently lose their case. This issue has solutions as well. This problem can be resolved with something as straightforward as a case that’s difficult to lose.

Can AirPods be tracked very far?

varying from straightforward GPS tracking to more advanced techniques like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The tracking technique utilized affects the range at which AirPods may be tracked. For instance, although RFID can be used to track AirPods over a longer distance but is not as accurate as GPS, GPS tracking is more accurate than RFID but has a limited range.

How Can I Locate a Lost AirPod That Is Dead And Offline?

You can use Find My iPhone to find your AirPod if it’s dead and lost. With the help of the Find My iPhone feature, you can track down a stolen or misplaced iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If Find My iPhone is turned on, you can use it to look for your missing AirPods.

Can the police help me track down my stolen AirPods?

Not precisely, however it could be essential to declare them stolen for insurance reasons or in case a kind citizen brings them into a police station. To learn more about making a report, get in touch with your neighbourhood police station. Remember that you might require the AirPods’ serial number.

How Can I Make AirPods My Own Again?

The Settings app does not offer a way to alter the owner of your AirPods. You must choose your AirPods in the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to accomplish this. Select your AirPods, then press the details button and then tap on their name. You can modify the owner and name of your AirPods from this point.

How can I track my stolen AirPods?

If you use the Find My app on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac that is logged in with the same Apple ID, you might be able to locate your lost or forgotten AirPods. Install the most recent version of macOS, iPadOS, or iOS. The AirPods you choose. You can see a location or “No location found” under each gadget.

Is it possible to find stolen AirPods using Bluetooth tracking?

Yes. You can. If an earbud or charging case is lost, Apple can sell you a replacement for less money. To arrange for a replacement, give Apple Support the serial number.

Your iPhone contains the serial number for your AirPods:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Select the I icon after finding your AirPods in the list.
  • Here is a list of the serial numbers.

As with lost iPhones, Apple does not provide insurance for lost AirPods through AppleCare. You will therefore need to purchase a new set of AirPods at retail pricing if an entire set goes stolen.

How Do You Prove to Police that Stolen AirPods are Yours?

By providing the police with the serial number, which can be located on the case, you may establish ownership of the AirPods. After discovering the AirPods, the police will utilize this to confirm ownership. The serial number, however, is no longer valid once the thief connects the AirPods to their own Apple iPhone, making it impossible to monitor them on your phone using the app.

Once the thief uses them, they will be linked to their iCloud rather than yours. There is little else you can do, although the police can try to find the person who stole them if there are any leads. Through the warranty, you might be able to receive new ones, but you might also have to spend money on some new ones.

You may take a few steps to stop the AirPods from getting misplaced or stolen. Although you can’t lock them, you can set the alarm if you forget them. It would be best if you had AirPods from the second generation or later for this to operate.

Simply open the Find My app and select Devices, AirPods, and Notifications. Turn on “Notify When Left Behind” by selecting it. If you don’t typically bring your AirPods with you, this might annoy you, but it might be helpful if you’re away from home.

Final Words

Sometimes it happens that we lost or someone steals our airpods. There is no surety to find it, but yes, there are some chances for that. We just explained a few of them tips to Track Stolen AirPods, and we hope it will help you out.

Although AirPods cannot be locked, and you can easily track stolen Airpods using the serial number or your iCloud account. Before they are linked to a different iCloud account, this needs to happen quickly.

FAQ’s: Police Track Stolen AirPods

Now we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions regarding Track Stolen AirPods. So, here we go.

Q. Are Police able to track stolen AirPods?

A. You can view the updated location of third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max in the Find My app for up to 24 hours to track stolen Airpods. Although it is not stated in the report, a fair likelihood allowed the police to pinpoint the suspect’s position.

Q. If your AirPods are stolen, is there anything you can do?

A. The product can be quickly reset to make it their own if the thief possesses an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent someone else from using your lost or stolen AirPods or to track stolen Airpods.

Q. Is apple able to identify lost AirPods?

A. Apple is unable to trace lost AirPods. Unfortunately, even if you have the AirPods’ serial number, it won’t help you find them. If you have an iPhone with you and the AirPods are still within range, you can only track them using it.

Q. How should you react if your AirPods are taken?

A. You will need to purchase replacement AirPods if they are misplaced or stolen, just like any other Apple product. Your sleek wireless earbuds are not protected by any anti-theft features.

However, Apple claims you’ll be able to purchase just one AirPods in the event that one of your two is misplaced or stolen.

Q. Are reset Airpods trackable?

A. It is impossible to track AirPods after a reset. Despite Apple releasing the “Find My AirPods” option, you can only locate your AirPods if they haven’t been reset if someone takes them or finds them after they’ve been misplaced.

Q. Can I stop someone from using my stolen AirPods?

Ans. The usage of the stolen AirPods cannot be prevented, despite the fact that they are expensive and Apple typically provides outstanding device security safeguards. If the user hasn’t used them yet and they are still linked to your device, you can only track stolen Airpods and find them.

If you can’t track them down, the only chance to get them back is if the thief changes their mind, or if you catch them. Maybe you can identify them by marking them in some way.

Q. Is AirPods theft covered by AppleCare?

Ans. No. In comparison to insurance, AppleCare is more of an extended warranty. According to this statement, you won’t receive a replacement if your AirPods are stolen or lost. But you will have help if something goes wrong with them (such as they stop charging or there is no sound).

Q. Do I need to purchase a new set if I lose one?

Ans. No. Fortunately, you can contact your local Apple Store to get the missing item replaced at a lower cost than purchasing an entire new set if you lose one component (the charging case or one pod). If the charging case for your Gen 1 or Gen 2 AirPods is missing, you might be able to borrow one from a friend or relative since they are interchangeable. For further details on replacing lost components, you may also check out the Apple website.

Q. Is there a way to locate my lost AirPods using the “Find My” app?

Ans. On your iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone: Start the Find My iPhone application. Use your Apple ID and password to log in. AirPods: tap them. You can identify the state of each device by the colourful dot that is displayed next to it. The device you’re using to seek for your lost AirPods is shown by a blue dot.

Q. Is there a way to remotely deactivate stolen AirPods?

Ans. No, there is presently no method to prevent someone from using lost or stolen AirPods. The Apple “Find My” service allows you to monitor and find them, and you can even use Lost Mode to attach a message to the AirPods. However, you cannot lock them. The fact that AirPods cannot connect to WiFi is the cause of this.

Q. What should I do if my AirPods are stolen?

Ans. You should try all the ways above written like using Find my app and other things to locate that.

Q. Can I track my stolen AirPods without iCloud?

Ans. Regrettably, no. Only Find My iPhone will be able to locate your Airpods, and if they are plugged into another person’s phone, it will be added to their Find My iPhone configuration. Since your Airpods are no longer connected to your iCloud, they would most likely appear in the iCloud as “Offline” if they are stolen.

Q. Can I use the serial number to track my stolen AirPods?

Ans. Select the I icon after finding your AirPods in the list. Here is a list of the serial numbers. As with lost iPhones, Apple does not provide insurance for lost AirPods through AppleCare. You will therefore need to purchase a new set of AirPods at retail pricing if an entire set goes stolen.

Q. How can I get a replacement for my stolen AirPods?

Ans. The Charging Case, the Left or Right AirPod, or both, are available for purchase. Your successor will be brand-new. AirPods are not covered by AppleCare+ for Headphones for lost or stolen items. For a service charge, Apple will swap out the battery in your AirPods. Batteries that deteriorate from regular usage are not covered by the warranty.

Q. Is there a way to block stolen AirPods from connecting to other devices?

Ans. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent someone else from using your lost or stolen AirPods. Since the AirPods do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you cannot lock or remotely control them.