Vizio Soundbar Remote Not Working: Find the Fix

Vizio soundbars are said to be one of the best soundbars but sometimes it happens when our new Vizio soundbars remote not working and we need to check and rectify this. As it becomes very irritating when you are not able to connect your favorite soundbar with its remote.

Vizio Soundbar Remote Not Working

Why My Vizio Soundbar Remote Not Working?

There might be several reasons why your Vizio sound bar remote isn’t working and you don’t need to call the customer support system or goto shop itself each and every time you face any problem like this. Here we are going to discuss some troubleshooting steps for vizio sound bar not working with remote, you can try before going to the shop back or calling customer care. There are some basic checks, you must try them before all, such as:

  1. Stuck Buttons: There might be some buttons stuck in the vizio sound bar remote only, you should remove the batteries and press each button on your remote for vizio sound bar individually. This might help in dislodging any stuck buttons, and your remote may start working again.
  2. Batteries: If still your vizio remote control not working, then its batteries can be dead so just ensure the batteries are fresh and inserted properly in the remote. In this situation, try new batteries, even if the old ones seem fine to you. As some old batteries might be dead and look like fresh ones.
  3. Distance and Direction: Next step is to check its distance and direction from the sound bar. You should make sure you’re heading the remote for vizio sound bar directly at the soundbar’s sensor or at the correct position and within a proper distance which is around 20 feet.
  4. Obstructions: Check and remove any objects that could be blocking the signal between the remote for vizio sound bar and the soundbar you are trying to connect.

How to Troubleshoot Your Vizio Soundbar Remote?

If these steps are not working, we must check some advanced troubleshooting steps for the remote for vizio sound bar. These are:

  1. Power Cycle: Now check its power cycle, unplug the soundbar from the power outlet, wait for some time around 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. After that, turn the soundbar on using the manual buttons, remember not to use the remote for vizio sound bar, and see if it responds.
  2. Remote Reset: Check your soundbar’s manual to see if your sound bar has a reset button and how to reset it, as some remote for vizio sound bar have a reset button.
  3. Software Update: Check if there’s some software update pending for your soundbar. Updating that software might fix these compatibility issues with the remote.
  4. Universal Remote: Now try a universal remote to control your soundbar available at your home. You can program it to work with many devices, including your Vizio soundbar.

Final Steps to Solve your Remote For Vizio Sound Bar Problem:

If these steps also are not working regarding vizio sound bar remote problems then try these last steps as per our list.

  • Now, check the Vizio support website for particular troubleshooting tips specific to your soundbar model. You can contact Vizio customer support for further assistance as well.
  • And if you’ve tried all of these steps and your remote for vizio sound bar is still not working, it may be damaged and require replacement. Then go to the shop from where you purchased it.


A Vizio soundbars remote not working problem can be frustrating, it’s often fixable with some basic troubleshooting. Start with the simple stuff like fresh batteries, proper aiming, and checking for obstructions. If that doesn’t work, try power cycling the soundbar, resetting the remote for vizio sound bar, or updating the software.

If you’re still out of luck, consider a universal remote or contact Vizio support for further assistance. Remember, most issues can be resolved, and you’ll be back to enjoying your soundbar’s full potential. We just explained these simple steps regarding vizio sound bar remote not working and hope that will solve your problem.

FAQs About Vizio Soundbar Not Responding to Remote

Now we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions regarding the Vizio soundbars remote not working problem. These are:

What are the most common reasons a Vizio soundbar remotes stops working?

Some most common problems regarding remote for vizio sound bar are written as follows:
1. Dead batteries or Stuck buttons on the remote.
2. Remote not pointed directly at the soundbar or out of range or obstructions blocking the signal.
3. Software issues with the soundbar.

Can the remote for vizio sound bar not connecting problems be resolved at home only?

Yes, some basic problems regarding remote for vizio sound bar can be resolved at home only without contacting its customer care.

How can I troubleshoot basic remote for vizio sound bar problems?

Its steps are written as follows:
1. Replace batteries with fresh ones and ensure the remote is aimed directly at the soundbar and within 20 feet range.
2. Remove any objects blocking the signal path and take out the batteries and press each button on the remote individually.

My Vizio Soundbar’s remote lights up, but not pairing with that soundbar, what is the solution?

There might be some pairing issues. You must reset and re-pair the remote as per your soundbar’s manual.

Trying to connect my remote with the soundbar, but no response from my remote for vizio sound bar. What can be done from home only?

Try to start with the classics, such as fresh batteries, direct aim (<20ft), and clear path. You may even remove batteries, press each one.

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