Where is the Microphone on iPhone 14?

The microphone on your phone is essential for making calls, recording videos, and using Siri voice commands. However, it can aggravate when your iPhone 14’s microphone suddenly stops working. This problem can occur due to various causes, including software errors, physical damage, or dirt and debris obstructing the microphone.

As a new iPhone user, we understand it becomes difficult for you to understand the basics of the iPhone, like the iPhone 14 microphone, charging point, slim slot, etc. But not to worry, we are here to give you a quick yet detailed guide about its location & usage, etc. So, stay tuned with us.

Where is the Microphone on iPhone 14

Where is the Mic on iPhone 14?

The latest generation iPhones, like 11 to 13 and 14, have multiple microphones, mostly 3, but before that, all the other iPhone generations had either single or double mics. Thus, the three microphones on iPhone 14 are distributed as the primary Microphone, located at the bottom of an iPhone next to the charging port.

Meanwhile, the secondary Microphone is designed on the front-facing camera, and the last tertiary mic on the iPhone 14 is on the rear-facing camera. The company has strategically placed the iPhone 14 mic location, and here is how in detail.

1) Primary Microphone

It is located near the charging point of the phone. It is usually used for voice memos, phone calls, Facetime audio calls, SMS, etc. Hence, it comes in handy when holding your phone beside your face.

2) Secondary Microphone

The iPhone 14 secondary microphone has built-in stereo speakers, and technically, they are used during Facetime calls, speakerphone, front camera video and for giving instructions to Apple’s virtual assistant (Siri).

3) Tertiary Microphone

The last tertiary iPhone 14 microphone is a built-in rear-facing camera, which technically means it will be used for Facetime calls (back camera), speakerphone and Siri. The differential use of secondary & tertiary microphones is seen during Facetime calls. Every update or model of the iPhone is different from its precursor, and that’s how the company can keep a balance between quality & price.

For example, the iPhone 14 has three versions: iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Also, it is necessarily mandatory that all the iPhone 14 versions have updates or different features. Thus, let’s talk about the iPhone 14 version microphone location in this segment.

Where is the Microphone on the iPhone 14 Pro?

As discussed, the iPhone 14 pro microphone location is the same as the newer iPhones’. The iPhone 14 pro has 3 (to be precise) microphones for better audio quality, even in the crowd. However, compared to the original iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro has better speakers.

Where is the Microphone on the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max microphone is part of newer generations of iPhones and is the variant of the original iPhone 14. Thus, you can find the microphones in the exact location where they were placed in their precursor variants. i.e.,

  • First- at the bottom, near the charging port,
  • Second- near the front-facing camera
  • Third- near the rear-facing camera.

Although there is no difference in the iPhone 14 pro max microphone location, this model has other highlighting features.

For example, the audio quality and playback sound are plentiful in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. So, by far, we have learnt about where the Microphone on an iPhone & its various models. So, in the following segment, let’s understand the utility of the Microphone and how you can change its settings according to your preference.

How Do You Adjust the iPhone 14 Microphone Settings on Your Device?

Unlike other mobile phone features, the iPhone doesn’t allow to change the iPhone microphone settings. Instead, it has an array of steps that are as follows:

Step 1: Open any of the calling apps, say FaceTime, for example.

Step 2: Once the call has begun, slide down the upper right side of the screen.

Step 3: From here, select the microphone mode depending on your usability.

For example,

  • Standard mode: default mode that is used for all calls.
  • Voice isolation: defines your voice on the ring amidst the background noise.
  • Broad spectrum: captures all the environmental sounds, which is helpful during video calls.

What is the Microphone Icon on the iPhone?

The iPhone’s Microphone is always on by default and appears like a yellow/orange dot on the screen. The safety/alert feature is being introduced in the iPhone 14 or later versions.

The coloured microphone icon indicates that any app uses your phone’s camera or Microphone. Thus, enabling/disabling your phone from listening can be accomplished. So, let’s gather information about the Microphone’s coloured icon.

The yellow microphone icon on your iPhone indicates that your Microphone is turned on and being used. In some newer versions, the yellow dot may appear orange. Also, you can’t turn off the yellow/orange dot as it is part of the Apple privacy feature.

How Do You turn the Microphone Off your iPhone?

Temporarily, you can turn the Microphone off your iPhone and below are the steps for the following: 

  • From the bottom of the screen, Swipe up. From there, the control centre will appear.
  • Tap & hold on the microphone icon for a few seconds. Thus, your Microphone is turned off until you turn it on manually.

Also, in case of confusion, check whether the iPhone’s Microphone is on or off. For that, look at the control centre of the Microphone. If you can see the microphone icon, it is turned on and vice-versa.

FAQs About Where Is My iPhone’s Microphone?

As discussed above, all the critical details of the iPhone 14, now we will answer some of the FAQs that revolve around “Where is the microphone on iPhone 14?”.

How to clean the iPhone 14 microphone?

For cleaning the iPhone 14 microphone, you can use a soft cotton cloth or soft brushes for gentle cleaning. Also, avoid using metal tools or pressurised gas or air to clean the Microphone as it can damage them.

Why is the Microphone on my iPhone 14 not working?

Ensure that the three microphone openings aren’t blocked or covered. If not, then settings >> privacy >> Microphone and see whether the Microphone is enabled for the app. If not, then contact your nearest Apple store.

Where is the Microphone on iPhone 14?

The iPhone 14 has three and is distributed as the primary Microphone, located at the bottom of an iPhone next to the charging port. Meanwhile, the secondary Microphone is designed on the front-facing camera, and the last tertiary mic is on the rear-facing camera.

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